Easy MD5 Creator is dedicated to Blizzard for making Diablo 2 and the amazing Diablo 2 Expansion.



Easy MD5 Creator




If you are into Simple File Verification (SFV), then you'll love Easy MD5 Creator. Easy MD5 Creator can generate .MD5 files that are compatible with various existing applications including MD5summer, MD5Checker and MD5-it.

Easy MD5 Creator is the all-in-one MD5 file creation and verification kit. It can create .MD5 files for entire trees of files. It can split and combine files and create/check the .MD5 files at the same time. It has optional smart file name caching so that perfect files are only checked once. It has optional Explorer context menu items.



Last Update:

  • Supports the GPG MD5 checksum format.

  • All progress steps now use icons to represent the different file states (corrupt, locked, missing, perfect or all perfect).

  • Included an Action button to the Open action Progress step.

    The Action button can perform the following tasks:

    • Quickly minimize Easy MD5 Creator to the system tray.

    • Move some or all perfect files to another location (safe to use with tree .MD5 files).

    • Move some or all corrupt files to another location (safe to use with tree .MD5 files).

    • Delete some or all corrupt files.

    • Save a report of corrupt, locked, missing and perfect files.

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