Special thanks to L.I.T.E. for making the previous Easy SFV Creator logo. Note, MD5 (Easy MD5 Creator) provides better data verification accuracy than CRC32 (Easy SFV Creator).



Easy SFV Creator




If you are new to Simple File Verification (SFV), check out the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Easy SFV Creator is the all-in-one SFV file creation kit. It can create .SFV files for entire trees of files. It can split and combine files and create/check the .SFV files at the same time. It has optional smart file name caching so that perfect files are only checked once. It has optional Explorer context menu items. It offers absolutely everything you could want from an SFV creation program.




GuildFTPd (FTP Server) has a SFV plug-in that checks files as they are uploaded to the server. Both GuildFTPd and the SFV plug-in are freeware. I recommend them.

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