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Easy SFV Creator 2.7.0

Living Sound

Easy MD5 Creator 1.4.0

Easy SFV Creator .NET

KVM Server ID 1.0.0

Active Event .NET

URL Encoder 1.2.0

Synchronizer .NET

News for 1 September 2009: Brad Smith Site is now know as Nado Laboratories (

News for 24 March 2004: Server Back Up

News for 25 September 2003: Severe VB Runtime Problems

News for 18 July 2003: Work

News for 26 March 2003: New Host

News for 13 March 2003: The Rude One

News for 4 February 2003: .COM Registration

News for 1 December 2002: Easy SFV Creator 2.7.0 and Easy MD5 Creator 1.4.0

Please distribute the software on this site to everyone you know!

Note: Some applications require the Microsoft .NET Framework to run.

Welcome: Welcome to the Brad Smith Site. This site hosts Easy SFV Creator and in time Disc Catalogue Creator .NET. I decided to host a few other applications that I've developed. They are not as powerful and complex as Easy SFV Creator, but I'm sure some of you will find them useful.

I don't want any donations, rather save up your money for Blizzard games. I do ask a favour however: Please distribute my software to all your friends and also tell them about this site.

Special thanks: Special thanks to Presmike and Jaszbo for always helping me out. Thanks to pdSFV for providing CRC32 source code. Thanks to Digits for providing the hit counter.


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